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Better Than Ezra


Better Than Ezra - Good

3:08 for March 8th

I don’t believe in “guilty pleasure” songs, so you should all stop pretending that you don’t love this one.

Also, Burning Snella covers this song and it’s the most boring bass part of all time but the crowd always eats this shit right up so I still have fun while playing it.

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    better than ezra - good the band of my childhood still one of my favorites
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    so good.
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    As a kid I used to think the YEAH THAT’S RIGHT voice at the end was Meowth from Pokemon I still do
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    Well, maybe I’ll call or write you a letter. Now, maybe we’ll see on the Fourth of July. But I’m not too sure, and I’m...
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    UH HAW
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    Better Than Ezra | “Good” i’m only 16 and i was born in 1995, so i wasn’t even sentient during the half of the 90s that...
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    So today I woke up and this song was in my head. I couldn’t remember who the hell it was by and it was driving me crazy....
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