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Is there such thing as being too kind?

It’s an honest question and I’m looking for your honest opinions.

I was raised Catholic and I think it’s the primary reason that I have such a difficult time believing “too kind” is a thing*. Being selfless and giving all that you can, regardless of its impact on your own life (whether positive or negative), is just the way you’re supposed to act - it’s “the right thing to do” and maybe even a ticket to Heaven.

Regardless of your beliefs - or as a result of them (or lack-thereof) - what are your thoughts on being too kind? Use the answer box below, leave reply, use the comment box on the blog page, or use my askbox or email if you’d like to have a private dialog.

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  1. redcloud answered: No there can never be too much of true kindness.
  2. tj said: That said (see answer) it’s not always clear where the tipping point is between ‘kind’ and ‘doormat’. For me it’s always been a matter of figuring it out on a case-by-case basis.
  3. tj answered: My Christian Ethics professor used to say that there is no call in scripture to be a “doormat for Christ.”
  4. digthecat said: Selfless suffering for other’s benefit can seem noble and good, but you are one of the people who deserves kindness from yourself. Also, I’m curious if are there acts of “kindness” which are really unneeded but fulfill a need to feel kind/selfless.
  5. whltexbread answered: Yes. Being too kind makes the rest of us feel guilty. You wouldn’t want to do that would you? Didn’t think so.
  6. everythinginthesky answered: The worst part is that when you are too kind you’re left hating yourself for it and when you’re not it’s the same. Learning not to is hard.
  7. snortthebubbles answered: I am catholic and I believe too kind is a thing because we can’t let people take advantage of our kindness or that would be leLeave an answer
  8. eoporto answered: ugh i have a lot to say on how catholicism has impacted me. i’ll try to write an email bc it’s long.
  9. katydidsays answered: i have a lot to say on this, but in short, if you’re too kind, sometimes you get taken advantage of. you have to know how to judge people.
  10. squibble answered: Nothing wrong with being too kind, as long as you’re being kind to the right people and not people who take advantage of it.
  11. smartgoat answered: What everybody else said. I don’t think you can be too kind to somebody else, but you can be too kind to the detriment of yourself.
  12. lizzinlosangeles answered: I think you can be too kind when the kindness begins to affect your ability to be kind to yourself and others.
  13. ungracefulme said: I think only to the extent you become a doormat or martyr.
  14. treets said: Or, to put it this way—sometimes being “too kind” to others means that you’re being unkind to yourself.
  15. monkeyfrog said: I don’t think you can be too kind. Unless it waddles into codependence. But I know a lot of people, especially once I moved to the city from Iowa, who think it’s creepy when you are nice, kind, helpful, etc. They look for strings.
  16. treets answered: Yes, there is such a thing as being too kind. You’re SHOCKED by my answer, I’m sure.
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