Seven 9s and 10s

The Milk Carton Kids from The Portland Sessions on Vimeo.

"Our latest session with The Milk Carton Kids at the Alberta Abbey is one of many great and proud moments. The duo and the space breathed together. Passing cars found their place within and between the songs, and in the same way guitars and voices found their place in the natural beauty of a large reverberant gymnasium.”

I couldn’t let my last post live at the top of my blog for any longer, especially not on Christmas.

If you’re looking for some non-Christmas music to break up the monotony of the season, you could do far worse than the three songs performed in this 12-minute video.

I hope you have a wonderful day. Much love to you all.

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    I can’t even get a handle on how excited I am that these guys are going to be releasing an album some time this year....
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