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I’m on a constant quest to maximize the $5 I pump into the jukebox on the nights when my dart league is playing at our home bar. $5 earns me 13 “credits,” which generally translates to 6 or 7 songs. My goal is to monopolize as much airtime as possible with those credits. I think tonight was my best playlist yet.

  • 11:06 - I Heard It Through The Grapevine (CCR)
  • 07:16 - We’re In This Together Now (Nine Inch Nails)
  • 08:40 - I Think I Lost My Headache (Queens of the Stone Age)
  • 13:01 - The Last Baron (Mastodon)
  • 13:41 - The Rime of the Ancient Mariner (Iron Maiden)
  • 06:23 - Paranoid Android (Radiohead)
  • 07:42 - Limousine (Brand New)

Total: 1 hour, 7 minutes, 48 seconds.

The last 3 minutes of I Think I Lost My Headachedrew some amazing jeers and quizzical looks from the rest of the people in the bar. I was feeling Paranoid Android tonight, but that song won’t likely make future playlists because it’s a bit short. Weezer’s Only In Dreams is usually a standard selection, but I swapped it out for Limousine tonight.

I try to be somewhat considerate of the rest of the patrons by playing songs that stick to a general “rock and roll” formula… but it’s becoming increasingly difficult to ignore the fact that I have a 24:35 version of Steve Reich’s Drumming - Part 1 available (as well as a few other Reich pieces that would be equally as frustrating and, well… annoying, to the average bar patron) at my disposal.

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  1. makemeachevy said: Some other selections you should try: Jimmy Eat World - Goodbye Sky Harbor (16:14) Tortoise - DJed (20:59) Mogwai - Christmas Steps (10:40) Botch - Man The Ramparts (10:55)
  2. fuiru said: No Coma?
  3. lnthefade said: Limousine is probably the worst bar song ever.
  4. globochem said: that’s amazing. i’m the jukebox asshole who queues up kajagoogoo.
  5. stereoforbrains said: It’s my dream to reenact John Mulaney’s “What’s New Pussycat” / “It’s Not Unusual” jukebox story.
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