Seven 9s and 10s

It’s time for Round 2. I’ve eliminated the two options that were never actually in the running (sorry, hipsters).

X, Y, or Z?

(Yes: X is a dark blue frame, Y is a greenish tortoise shell, Z is all green.)

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  1. skurveydawg said: While the green is a great color, I think the color + shape of the blue (X) looks best on you. Rock star!
  2. yeahhappy said: My vote is Z. That is all.
  3. stereoforbrains said: Z
  4. tochaseortohunt said: X
  5. liquiddiamonds said: Z
  6. kateceratops said: X! X! Y is a close second, though.
  7. elizabite said: I like x and z. I am leaning toward z, but that may be because those are the color I was leaning toward.
  8. whltexbread said: Flip a coin
  9. escapereality said: X please
  10. rsmallbone said: Y. They make you look so dreamy.
  11. talesofaniceberg said: I vote X! :)
  12. mathcat345 said: You look stunning in all of them!
  13. rachelskirts said: Z!
  14. pocketcuntents said: Z
  15. jaydensmommie said: X
  16. nicky36 said: I was originally x, but in these pics I like y.
  17. halfbakedidea said: Y
  18. girl-detective said: Z. Duh.
  19. brittsfailurebydesign said: Y
  20. fuiru said: In this light, Y.
  21. cirquedurartastic said: X. I do like the green ones, but x is my favorite for your face.
  22. redcloud said: Y or Z. I think Y looks better on you, but Z also because GREEN!
  23. davesnothere said: y
  24. digthecat said: Interesting. I’m all Y today, but I liked the squarer look yesterday. I’d prefer Z if it was a darker green, perhaps that’s what Y is?
  25. embracethelost said: X is my fave, but y is a close second
  26. andsoisyourface said: Y
  27. stupon said: How can you not go with green.
  28. kimpetuous said: Y!
  29. potjie said: I didn’t even vote in round one, am I still eligible? Not that it matters. Z. Definitely Z.
  30. lafix said: Y
  31. steelopus posted this