Seven 9s and 10s

It’s the finals!
A or B?

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  1. tochaseortohunt said: B!!!!!
  2. daylightfading57 said: B
  3. ivegotzooms said: B
  4. sniffyjenkins said: Bee!
  5. monkeyfrog said: b
  6. terrisuewhocares said: B
  7. nicky36 said: Omg I’m back to B. why is it different every time?
  8. orangehouse said: B
  9. stereoforbrains said: b
  10. lindstifa said: B!
  11. escapereality said: B!
  12. jaydensmommie said: B
  13. notactuallyme said: B. And could you possibly be any more adorable? I think from not!
  14. pocketcuntents said: B
  15. tiffanyb said: B.
  16. kellydeal said: beeeeee
  17. helms-deep said: B
  18. kimmortal said: B
  19. cirquedurartastic said: B.
  20. potjie said: B.
  21. twoyellows said: B
  22. digthecat said: I’m back to the squarer B. which I think means they are both excellent choices.
  23. embracethelost said: Leaning toward b!
  24. do-over said: B fit your face better. B.
  25. halfbakedidea said: b
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