Seven 9s and 10s

She Talks To Angels

The Black Crowes

Shake Your Money Maker

The Black Crowes - She Talks To Angels

5:31 for May 31st

I don’t really believe in “guilty pleasure songs,” but if I did, this might fall into that category - though I’m not really sure why. The Black Crowes get ragged on a lot for various reasons, but at the end of the day they’re just a blues-based rock band, and in the grand scheme of things that’s really not such a bad thing. Besides, I know a thing or two about playing in a blues-based rock band with a set of brothers.

It appears at though many folks are wrapping up this whole Date Songs meme, including Lisa (who started the whole thing off - and who also posted a song today by TBC) but I think I’ll be continuing. I have far to many great songs in my library that are over 6 minutes and they’re worthy of attention too. I’m a sucker for a good long song.

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