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Hide YouTube Comments


The comments on that “ZOMG Double Rainbow!” video finally pushed me over the edge and made me remember this Tekzilla Daily video from a few weeks ago.

Simply install this Greasemonkey script (you’ll need to install Greasemonkey first) and then anytime you visit YouTube, the comments will automagially disappear.  It’s fantastic!

Reblogging myself, from last night, (i KNOW), because I really think this is something that more people need to see and could benefit from.  It’s awesome.

Tumblr: question


Can you not leave comments on tumblr? And how will I ever know if you can’t leave me a comment with an answer. 

Comments are not built-in to Tumblr, but you can easily set them up using an external service called Disqus. Details here:

Additionally, you can configure your Tumblr to allow “replies” from people you follow, and from people that have been following you for longer than two weeks.  Simply go to your dashboard, click on the Customize link on the right side, then click on Community, and then the two check boxes relating to replies.