Seven 9s and 10s

Brown Bird

In general, when I am witness to a truly spellbinding and virtuosic musical performance, I walk away either feeling extremely motivated to go home and practice so that I may one day be that good… or I leave with my self-confidence completely shattered. Last night was the latter, as I saw an utterly incredible show by Brown Bird.

That’s a ridiculously talented duo right there, each of them with endless musical chops - but it was David Lamb in particular who reached into my soul, grabbed my feeble ball of talent, and crushed it in his fist, all while simultaneously playing a kick drum with his right foot and a tambourine and cowbell with his left, intricately picking and strumming a [gorgeous vintage Gibson ES-125T] guitar with his hands, and singing beautiful and caustic melodies about the perpetuity of work and the inevitability of the end of the world.

Do yourselves a favor and don’t miss an opportunity to see them live.