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I never remember my dreams.

Last night I dreamt I was with a group who went to China, via some sort of ship, and I had to lean over the edge to pull floating lanterns out of the water before the ship could pull into the port, and someone asked me why we didn’t just fly over and for some reason my answer was “Did you really want to take a 12 hour flight?”, and upon arrival our host took us through a shopping mall at 1am and explained that even though all of the shops were locked, they were in fact still open for business, but we’d have to wait until the workers came back at 3am, and I thought that was weird but I didn’t question it because communism, and then he led us into some sort of restaurant where we walked up a few short steps to find ourselves standing on the dinner tables that were laid out in a big U-shape around the the room, and all the people sitting at the tables were just staring up at us, and I looked over at the person standing next to me and said “It’s times like these that I’m glad we’re not an improv comedy troupe!” and then I woke up.

Running Up That Hill




Placebo - Running Up That Hill (Kate Bush cover)

And if I only could,
Make a deal with God,
And get him to swap our places

One morning in 2008 this song was playing on WBER as my alarm went off, but I didn’t wake up.  Instead, my body did that thing where you stay asleep and your brain incorporates the song into your dream.  You know what I’m talking about?  Of course you do.  Everyone has had that experience.

Let me tell you, it was the most cinematic dream I’ve ever had.  It was some sort of epic underwater fantasy/sci-fi battle, like The Abyss meets Lord of the Rings meets Braveheart - complete with swords and chambers and creatures and bubbles and awesomeness.

Subsequently, this was my 6th favorite song of 2008.

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How It’s Made - Rally Cars (by PanosDCC)

Combining two of my favorite things: How It’s Made and rally!

The first advice most aspiring rally racers receive is to never build your first car; instead, buy a used rally car - it’s cheaper and it teaches you a good lesson: it’s definitely going to break and it’s probably going to be your fault.

You’re less likely to be emotionally attached to a used car than to something you spent weeks designing and building - emotional attachment has no place in rallying, because…

  • If you’re focused on not breaking your car, then you’re not focused on winning.
  • If you’re not focused on winning then you’re not focused on driving.
  • If you’re not focused on driving then you’ll think you heard your codriver say “keep left over crest into short 4 right plus" when he actually said "keep left over crest into short 4 left plus" and then you’ll find yourself crying because you wrapped your car around a tree.

Anyway. Rallying is a serious goal of mine - even if it’s just a 5-day class at Team O’Neil Rally School.

A nightmare

This morning I dreamed that someone went on vacation and decided to let me babysit their 10 year old daughter and 6 and 3 year old sons. Someone is an idiot.

I remember a car ride to Applebee’s. I remember sitting at Applebee’s and the 10 year old telling me she thought we should probably get home soon because Jack was probably getting himself into trouble there. Jack was the 3 year old. Apparently I just left him home alone. I don’t even know.


I woke up before everyone died, but I’m guessing that’s how it ended.


i was just dreaming about pizza hut buffet and it woke me up

That's amazing.

Last time I ate the buffet I wanted to die a few hours later.

of course yesterday i was dreaming that i was on the disc golf course and i saw a WWI plane doing ticks at like 75mph overhead..then it hit a tree and started coming right at us and for some reason i didn't move and it hit me in the head and i woke up

dreams are fucked up