Seven 9s and 10s

Why are you so grumpy when we have science?
Science got us here, science can get us home

My Explodingdog print arrived last week! I float-framed it and hung it in my (freshly painted) kitchen and I absolutely LOVE IT! The colors match wonderfully and I particularly enjoy the message. Sam even included a bonus custom “thanks!” drawing!

If you’re a fan of Explodingdog, you should definitely check out his store.

Truthful Tuesday

  • My sister visited a psychic last week and the first thing she was told was that her younger brother (me) was a “wild man” and that the girls were all crazy for him to the point that he was having to fight them off and well I guess that makes it pretty clear that my sister just paid a crazy lady to tell her a load of absolute bullshit.
  • Currently: mornings are painful; days fluctuate; evenings are lonely.
  • It took about eleven weeks, but I’ve successfully written lyrics to another song. (That’s better than eleven years.)
  • My goal is to write three more songs before the end of the year, record them in the winter, and release them in 2013. I’m hoping for a ten track album, with five songs performed twice each*: once electric, once acoustic.

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