Seven 9s and 10s

Hey! Check the findthestarlight blog. People that received photographs might have secret messages on the back that are only revealed through a flame. Please check and post. Thank you!

Asked by ohhoe

I no longer have a kit. I mailed it out yesterday. Good luck unraveling the mysteries of the universe.

Hi, FindTheStarlight people.

I was happy to support my friend M in his Kickstarter campaign, but I did not request this kit, nor did I contribute enough to earn it as a reward.

I do not have have the time to dedicate to the mystery, therefore, if you want this kit, it’s yours. Free. The first person to request it in my askbox will receive it. I’ll send it out at my own expense. GONE!

I’m hoping that one of you will be more excited and interested in putting the pieces together. For Starlighters who are simply viewing, I also have Hi-Res scans of the bible pages here.

So, fill my askbox with your address and I’ll get this sent out ASAP. GONE!

Thanks and enjoy.