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So this happened while I was in the mountains. As you can tell from my commentary, I know a LOT about bear behavior, especially their climbing abilities.

This post is several years old but I find myself thinking about it very often, so I finally went back and found it.

Shandon’s commentary is excellent, particularly:

Don’t jump bear. Don’t do it. You’ve got so much to live for.

Those words spring into my mind anytime I see anyone or anything climbing dangerously, be it a child or a squirrel or an insect.


Twitter: The Criterion Collection

What if Twitter… came to life?

We asked some of our friends to film their favorite tweets. We didn’t care how they did it. They could read it. They could act it. They could do it with puppets. Whatever they wanted. The only rules were it had to be a tweet written by someone else and it had to contain the entire tweet and nothing but the tweet.

This is what they gave us.

We hope you enjoy it.

@poeks & @sween

Reblogging so that when people give me shit about spending so much time with “internet people,” I can point them to this so they’ll realize why I do it.  It’s amazing how much funny has been created by such a minuscule sliver of the internet, and I’m glad I can be a part of it.