Seven 9s and 10s

Hello, friends. I had a very nice weekend! Did you?

Thanks for all your help with the glasses. Incredibly, Tumblr was unanimous in choosing the B frames… but I still think I’m going with the A frames. God, I’m an asshole! Sorry!


I didn’t have to work today so I made this short and silly video with Ray Charles and snips of that amazing goat supercut that’s been all the rage lately. It’s a shoddy mess and I spent all of 15 minutes actually working on it, so, don’t expect anything groundbreaking… but hopefully you’ll get a chuckle.

Buying Eyeglasses Online?

Hey folks.

Have you ever purchased eyeglass frames/lenses online?
If so, from where?
Were you happy? 

I already have one recommendation for Zenni Optical.

At those prices, I figure it can’t hurt to buy a bunch of different frames and hope that at least one of them looks good on me. It would probably still be cheaper than what I’d pay locally, even with my insurance discount.

Leave a reply or fill my askhole if you have any opinions, recommendations, or advice.


Truthful Tuesday

People with good eyesight: you will never experience the indescribable terror of bending over to pull up your pants in the bathroom and then suddenly feeling your glasses sliding off your head.

People with bad eyesight who wear glasses with straight temples that don’t curve down behind the ears are probably the same kind of people who like to go BASE jumping and eat deep-fried insects and step on all of the sidewalk cracks.

While in Pittsburgh I somehow managed to scratch the shit out of the right lens on my glasses that I’ve loved for the last 3 years, and so it’s now time for a new pair.

Unfortunately, the oval-style that I’ve loved forever is no longer in vogue and the selection is mediocre at best; rather than settle for something that’s only slightly oval, I figure it’s time for a change.  These seem like a pretty fair compromise between what I’ve always worn and even-bolder (read: uglier-on-my-round-face) big black rectangles.

You all have about 4 hours to talk me out of this before I head to the mall during lunch to buy these.