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Does anyone have an old 4 or 4S for sale?

A friend in Brooklyn has been without his since Hurricane Sandy sunk it at the bottom of the Gowanus Canal.

Let me know if you can help and I’ll connect you.

Tumblr Support Without Tumblr Support

Is anyone else having trouble adding photo replies from the Tumblr dashboard? I can click the photo reply icon and it prompts me to choose the file, but nothing happens after clicking OK.

  • Mac 10.6.8 - Chrome 22.0.1229.36 beta (release channel)
  • I’ve already disabled all of my extensions, but it still doesn’t work.
  • This just started happening last week.
  • I tried it with Safari and it works normally.
  • I can add text replies without a problem.

Another weird thing that has happened recently is that all the Tumblr text on my dashboard is bold - things like the name of my blogs at the top, and all the text in the sidebar buttons.


Edit: I downgraded to Chrome v21.0.1180.89 and took myself out of the beta channel and the problems are gone. I hope they work out those weird kinks before v22 goes public.

Dear Tumblr,

How is that “complete overhaul of the Queue feature with some killer new functionality" coming along?

You know, the one that you were pushing out “Later this week" - which was actually last week - because you "[…] decided the best course is to take the queues offline and expedite the relaunch.

Perhaps you could clarify your understanding of the word “expedite.” Or maybe “relaunch” is the word that you’re having trouble understanding.

Well, anyway. I’m just checking in to make sure you’re OK and you haven’t gotten off track trying to design cute little sharks to stick on our avatars or an arbitrary number ranking system.

Sincerely missing my queue and looking forward to its “expedited” “relaunch” with “killer” “new” “functionality,”



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