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It is time for President Obama to imitate Lyndon Johnson and Franklin Roosevelt: define the progressive agenda and impose party discipline, use the 59 votes in the Senate—still an overwhelming majority—and an equally robust majority in the House to make every effort to pass the critical pieces of the Democratic agenda and then let the Republicans try to counter.

Six strategies that could save Obama’s ambitious reform agenda. - By Eliot Spitzer - Slate Magazine (via indefensible) (via morrowplanet) (via redcloud)

I’m not going to lie, I desperately wish Spitzer was still my governor.  Just because he couldn’t keep his dick in his pants and his money in his pockets doesn’t change the fact that he’s a smart politician who knows how to crack the whip and get shit done.

Electric Eel Shock - Do The Metal

I shot this clip live in Rochester, NY on 06/06/06. Metal, indeed.

If you don’t know Electric Eel Shock yet, you’re missing out.  They’ve seriously rocked my ass everytime they’ve come to town. Unfortunately for me, they got so popular in Europe during 07/08 that they haven’t been here since.

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PS… sorry for the naked Japanese drummer pubage.