Seven 9s and 10s

There’s nothing more rewarding than seeing a child speak so proudly about their cow.

Monroe County Dairy Princess, Sarah Rene, 19, said the fair is the highlight of her summer.

—-That sentence nearly killed me last night as I was attempting to beat insomnia at 1am by reading local news on my phone in bed. I was lying on my back while holding the phone above my head and that sentence caused me to laugh so hard that I choked on my own saliva and tongue, erupting into an enormous coughing fit that persisted for several minutes. On the bright side, I expelled enough energy while coughing that I fell asleep almost immediately after recovering the ability to breathe.

My Name Is Jonas [Live]


Buddy Holly CD single

weezer - My Name Is Jonas (live)

Recorded on 11/27/1994 in Rochester, NY. Immortalized on the original Buddy Holly single.

I’m amazed that anyone is ever amazed that this band has become one of the most successful bands of my generation. Just listen to this. It’s a perfect song performed by a young band that was riding its first wave of success… and you can hear it in every note.

Keepin’ the riffraff out of Canada


I am very sorry to say that I will not be performing in Toronto this evening. We were stopped at the border and sent back to the United States last night, despite our official documentation.


So I’ll be doing a live webcast in Rochester tonight. It’s the least I can do to make up for not being there in person. It’ll just be me in front of a webcam, playing some songs on my little parlor guitar. I wish I could make the Stageit show free but their platform doesn’t allow that, so it’s going to be pay what you want (10 cent minimum). I’ll be performing a couple new songs, and to make up for that 10-cent charge I’ll send everyone a free acoustic track.

Just to be perfectly clear, I love all of my Canadian fans and still wish that I could be there tonight. But it looks that won’t be happening. At least not until one of you proposes to me.

Nataly Dawn is unexpectedly in Rochester tonight and the best we’ll be able to do is watch her on the web. I bet we could easily find a place for her to play within a few hours and get enough fans in the door to put some gas money in her pocket.