Seven 9s and 10s

Yellow Plants



FMGreen - Yellow Plants

Sometimes I listen to my own music at high volume and I pump my fists in the air and smile broadly.

I really like how all of Victory! turned out, and I especially love how the tone of this song changes at the 1:20 mark… and then again at 2:07, when we make you tilt your head like a confused dog… and then again at 3:00…

Anyway. As with all FMGreen, it sounds better the louder you play it.

(I can’t thank our friend Brian Aloisio enough for the work he did engineering this album.)

Hitchin' A Ride


40 in 40

Green Day - Hitchin’ A Ride (steelopus cover)

I took one stab at trying to play Tre’s drum part before giving up and deciding I’d do an acoustic version instead. Maybe I could play the drum part with a week of practice, but not with only 5 minutes.

Unsurprisingly I think the song translated pretty well to acoustic. Great songs will sound good no matter what the instrumentation is.

Also, I finally got to use my slide whistle in the project!

(34 down. 6 to go.)

Slide Whistle Flex-A-Tone Trombone Trumpet

…oh yes we did!

All of these instruments were recorded after 1:00am.  That should give you a pretty good indication of how awesome this album is going to be.

Vocals are done. Auxiliary parts have been recorded. All that remains for the Victory! Sessions are a few guitar re-amp tracks, some acoustic guitar tracks, and some minor track editing.  Then we’ll sit on it for a month before we drive to Chicago to mix. These are exciting times!