Seven 9s and 10s

A Window Into Our Life

Thursday night on the couch, watching Chopped (Episode 225 - All-Burger Meal).

Dessert Basket

  • hamburger buns
  • chocolate peanut clusters
  • shaved coconut
  • sesame seeds

Me to Heather, mockingly predicting what the annoying male contestant is going to make: “Derrrrrp. Yeah I’m going to make a Bread Pudding Burger!

Audio from the TV: “I’m going to make a Bread Pudding Burger.

Me to the TV: I told you! Goddammit! You’re so predictable!

Me to HeatherIf the next girl makes French Toast, I’m going to kill someone tonight!

Me, mockingly predicting to the TV what the respectable female contestant will make: “I’m going to make Coconut Ice Cream and a Hamburger Bun French Toast!

Audio from the TV: “I’m going to prepare a Shaved Coconut Ice Cream and Hamburger Bun French Toast.

Heather, terrified and jumping away from me: “Oh!My!God! BB! WHO ARE YOU GOING TO KILL?!

Both of us: *uncontrollable laughter*