Seven 9s and 10s

I Believe In A Thing Called Love


I Believe In A Thing Called Love

I Believe In A Thing Called Love - steelopus (The Darkness cover)

When a friend needs your help, you have to step up and deliver. Ask and ye shall receive.  Good luck with the wife, James.

(I still can’t believe I once recorded 40 covers in 40 days. That was kind of insane.)

The Darkness covering Radiohead’s Street Spirit (Fade Out)

One more for good measure.

Please file The Darkness under “Bands I wish I was able to see live before they released a somewhat embarrassing second album and then self-destructed.”

Say what you will about their musical grandeur, but godDAMN could these guys shred.  I absolutely love their treatment of this song.  Especially the allusion to Just after the first chorus and the half-time solo at the end.