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GWAR covers Billy Ocean at The Onion A/V Club

It’s impossible to quantify just how much better this cover is than the original song.

I regret not taking an opportunity to see GWAR at any of their many stops in Rochester. Sadly, now I’ll never get a chance. Farewell Dave Brockie, aka Oderus Urungus. Hopefully the return trip to your home planet won’t take too long.


In case, like me, you could use a little unbridled joy and cool autumn feels right now.

Border-collie and pony best-friend frolicking.

Awesome. Adorable.
Absolutely terrifying. I’m not sure I’ll ever be able let our new girl off leash outside my fenced-in yard after seeing this video. We might never see her again when she chases a squirrel across the state.
Then again, she jumped and ran behind us in shock and fear when we unexpectedly encountered a cross-country runner on our hike yesterday evening… Sooooo….

She’s gorgeous (and rambunctious). We’re still working on a (re)name.

They told us she’s a “Lab” (highly questionable) but the paperwork for when they took her in says “Shep Mix” (at least in the right ballpark). We don’t really know what she is at this point. If you can discern anything from this video, please let us know. We’ll definitely be doing a DNA test at some point to get to the bottom of it.



Like, I knew shepherding was a boring job

but these guys really had nothing better to do

Are you even kidding me. Nuh uhhh.

If anyone wonders why I’m considering adopting a border collie, I’ll just show them this. I don’t even care if the video is a big hoax… there’s plenty of evidence in there to indicate that the dogs, at least, are doing their jobs.