Seven 9s and 10s

It is awesome outside right now.

(Also, I’m totally confused by the fact that the storm itself is moving south to north, but the wind is blowing fiercely from north to south. Now consulting Google. Low pressure systems rotate counter-clockwise, therefore while the big system is still moving north, I am currently located on the western side of the system so the wind is rotating down from north. Thanks, Google.)

I just started a night shift job and have been looking for stuff to do in Rochester in the middle of the night (for my days off!) I'd loooove to see the Aurora Borealis- do you know of somewhere on the web that I can regularly check to see if there's activity reported at Lake Ontario?

Asked by emilyrosewords

…night shift job…

Hmmm… are you a crime fighter? Batma… err… Catwoman?
That’d be awesome.

Anyway. I have both of these sites bookmarked and I check them somewhat regularly. They can usually provide a few days notice when a severe CME is discovered, giving you a chance to prepare for a viewing:

Good luck!