Seven 9s and 10s

Astonishing helmet-cam footage from Felix Baumgartner’s jump.

Warning: this is definitely not for those who are prone to vertigo or dizziness.

I don’t think whoever posted that video has done so legally, so you’ll want to watch soon before it gets removed. I’d recommend you click through to YouTube to watch it in full HD.

Squirrel Swing - with Slow-Motion Leaping (by frankdouglason)

Remember last year when I told you that my friend Charles has been making videos of the squirrels on his deck as he attracts them with nuts?

Well, the videos have only gotten better as the obstacles have grown in complexity. He’s also made the smart move of trying to keep the videos as short as possible.

Take 90 seconds and watch this. It’s a refreshing (and short) distraction from your day.


"David Bazan discusses guitars after living room show"

Remember four months ago when David Bazan played a show in my living room - otherwise known as one of the greatest nights of my life?

After the fans had left, he popped his head into my guitar room where he and I proceeded to have this nice 15+ minute conversation about guitars, which my friend Saby (thankfully) captured on video. The light is weak and the audio is quiet, but I’m glad this exists. It’s a great memory that I’ll carry through my life - talking shop with my favorite musician, in my house, with my guitars.

I spent 11 years (‘96-‘07) working full time at a golf course.

I have played the role of every person involved in this video.

  1. I’ve been run over (yes, it hurts).
  2. I’ve jumped out of a moving cart (yes, it’s fun; yes, it hurts).
  3. I’ve laughed hysterically at someone else losing control of a cart (yes, it’s funny).
  4. I’ve chased down a runaway cart and stopped it (yes, I’m Superman, and I can do anything).
  5. I’ve accidentally caused a cart to drive off on its own (yes, the small tree near the water stand behind the 16th green at Shadow Pines saved the day and still bears the scars to prove it.).

I didn’t realize it at the time, but those were 11 of the best years of my life. I may never again have a job that good.